How Big.Jobs is different from job boards?

Big.Jobs is not a job-board, it is a reverse-recruitment marketplace which means companies reach out to you instead of the other way around.

Our clients are hiring companies with open job positions looking for qualified & interested candidates. We invite & showcase the candidates that fit the job requirements to our hiring companies. Hiring managers shortlist the candidates they like and invite them for their interview process.

Our primary goal is to find you a job that you'll love. This means that we take into account your career aspirations, goals, preferences for salary, benefits & culture before matching you to prospective employers. You also get a Talent Partner who assists you every step of the way through your hiring process. Additionally, we value your privacy - your profile always stays hidden from your current & past employers.

You can learn more about how it all works here.

What kind of companies hire on Big.Jobs?

Our focus is to bring aspirational job opportunities from across the globe for Indian engineers. On Big.Jobs you'll find a great mix of domestic & international opportunities from some of the most ambitious & innovative companies. From high growth early stage startups to large traditional enterprises, Big.Jobs has employers of multiple industries, size, type and funding.

You can explore select job opportunities in our directory here.

Why didn't I receive an interview invite after getting accepted on Big.Jobs?

Generally Big.Jobs offers a job match immediately. Then it depends on the hiring company's discretion to invite you for interviews & extend a job offer. Unlike job boards, Big.Jobs works best for passive candidates who aren't actively making an effort to apply for jobs but are open to exploring if a highly relevant job opportunity comes their way.

How can I improve my chances of getting hired through Big.Jobs?

Your Big.Jobs profile is your key asset in our talent marketplace. To make the best out of Big.Jobs, make sure you complete your profile with all the relevant information in detail:

Expected minimum base salary: Put a realistic value to your expected minimum base compensation. Note that this is the base salary and the compensation packages can go much higher when taking the variable components and stock options into account. 

This information taken into account only to gauge your expectations to find a good match and is not shared with the employer so you can rest assured that you won't get lower offers because of it. 

A higher value will get you less interview offers from early-stage startups in particular.
We recommend this to be no more than 30% higher than the current base compensation. 

Profile Picture : Add a profile picture of you and get noticed more.

Location Preference : Mentioning your location preference draws more attention to your profile.

Skillset & Experience : Don’t forget to mention your years of experience and your top skills. 

Additional Links : We strongly recommend that you include links to your LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub etc., and your portfolio if you are a Front-End Developer or a designer.

What can I expect from my Talent Partner?

Every approved candidate on the Big.Jobs marketplace is assigned a Talent Partner. This Talent Partner will be your single point of contact and guide you throughout your Big.Jobs journey. 

The Talent Partner will:

Support You by answering any query that you might have along the way. 

Guide You with how to interview and what to prepare for 

Help You polish your Big.Jobs profile and your resume and ensure that the companies you are considering align with your career goals

Inform You of the salary trends in the market and make sure you get the package you deserve.

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