Why am I required to respond to interview requests within 72 hours?

To shorten your job hunt drastically and make the hiring process simpler, we ask you to respond within 72 hours. Employers apply to you and provide accurate salary information up-front. 

In return, approved candidates are also expected to move with expediency. Therefore, candidates are required to either accept or decline the company's interview request within 72 hours. 

If you anticipate travelling or otherwise being in a position where you are unable to respond to interview requests within 72 hours, you can ask us to defer your candidacy to the next batch.

Can my current employer see my profile?

Your current employer is automatically blocked from viewing your profile. You can further edit the list of blocked companies to include any related companies, past employers and so on.  

How can I improve my profile?

Expected minimum base salary: Put a realistic value to your expected minimum base compensation. Note that this is the base salary and the compensation packages can go much higher when taking the variable components and stock options into account. 

This information taken into account only to gauge your expectations to find a good match and is not shared with the employer so you can rest assured that you won't get lower offers because of it. 

A higher value will get you less interview offers from early-stage startups in particular.
We recommend this to be no more than 30% higher than the current base compensation. 

Profile Picture : Add a profile picture of you and get noticed more.

Location Preference : Mentioning your location preference draws more attention to your profile.

Skillset & Experience : Don’t forget to mention your years of experience and your top skills. 

Additional Links : We strongly recommend that you include links to your LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub etc., and your portfolio if you are a Front-End Developer or a designer.

What can I expect from my Talent Partner?

Every approved candidate on the Big.Jobs marketplace is assigned a Talent Partner. This Talent Partner will be your single point of contact and guide you throughout your Big.Jobs journey. 

The Talent Partner will:

Support You by answering any query that you might have along the way. 

Guide You with how to interview and what to prepare for 

Help You polish your Big.Jobs profile and your resume and ensure that the companies you are considering align with your career goals

Inform You of the salary trends in the market and make sure you get the package you deserve.

For how long will my profile be visible to Employers?

 Once you sign up on Big.Jobs our Talent Team will review and approve your profile. After you have been approved, your profile will be live to companies on our platform for at least one month, depending on market demand. Even if your profile is not being actively promoted, our team of Talent specialists go through our database regularly and may make a custom match that you will receive by email.
If you don't update your profile for a month, you will need to refresh your intent which can be done through a WhatsApp message or email response to our auto-generated notifications.

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