Why choose Big.Jobs?

Talent market for top engineers is supply-driven. Most solid engineers are not actively looking for jobs and rarely take an effort to explore & apply to your open job positions. This means that hiring companies spend hours & hours of sourcing to find, attract & engage high quality talent to build their talent pipeline.

Meet your team's newest recruiter! Big.Jobs is the fastest, most cost-efficient way to get a ready-made, curated pipeline of qualified and interested engineers specific to your requirements. No more juggling through multiple job boards, professional networks browsing through hundreds of irrelevant candidates - Big.Jobs' finds and schedules engineers you actually want to talk to, swiftly.

What is Big.Jobs pricing?

Big.Jobs offers a simple, predictable monthly subscription plan for hiring companies. You can check out our pricing plans in detail here. Big.Jobs enables you to save thousands of dollars spent on age-old recruitment agencies. Whether you're hiring one or a hundred engineers, our subscription is aimed to provide you with a highly efficient cost-per-hire according to your hiring volumes.

Big.Jobs is free for candidates to use.

What roles can Big.Jobs help me fill?

Big.Jobs specializes in sourcing engineers from India for tech-first companies across the world. This includes:

  • Software Engineers (Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, DevOps, iOS/Android Engineers, UI/UX Developers)

  • Product Managers, Technical Product Managers

  • Data Scientists & AI/ML Engineers

  • Engineering Managers, CTOs

  • Operations, Growth & Performance Marketing

Where do candidates come from?

Candidates love the experience they have with Big.Jobs, so most of our candidates come through word of mouth & referrals. Big.Jobs uses 20+ paid & unpaid channels to discover, attract & engage quality talent specific to your requirements:

  • candidate referrals,

  • paid marketing,

  • community building,

  • targeted headhunting,

  • job boards,

  • professional networks,

  • networking events,

  • alumni groups

In addition to that, we partner closely with you to create beautiful employer branding opportunities to attract the candidates in your name while elevating your brand through our partnership.

Our sourcing is aided by sophisticated sourcing tools, workflow automations, smart algorithms combined by expert Talent Managers who vet & screen every candidate & accept only the ones that meet your benchmark & fit your specific needs.

How does Big.Jobs' vetting process work?

Our sourcing engine attracts thousands of engineers every month who go through a rigorous vetting process before they're accepted on the platform. Of over 10,000 candidates we attract every month, less than 3% are approved to be recommended to our hiring companies.

Big.Jobs' vetting process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Algorithmic Matching: We've built machine learning models trained for over 300 different skills & technologies on millions of resumes to calculate match rates for specific job positions. Only the candidates who fare above a certain match score are filtered for the next step.

  2. Phone Screening: Our expert Talent Managers further vet the filtered candidates by conducting a thorough phone screening where they dive deeper into their experience, education, skills, their career goals, preferences for salary & benefits. This is followed by presenting your open job opportunity and gather their interest. Finally the Talent Manager handpicks the candidates who fit your specific requirements and are interested in pursuing your job opportunity are moved to the next step.

  3. Deep Candidate Profile: Our Talent Manager gathers all the relevant information to generate a deep candidate profile before recommending it to your hiring managers. Deep Candidate Profiles contain all the inputs that hiring managers need to make an informed shortlist for interviews (resume, skills, intelligent match score, salary expectations, notice period, career goals).

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