Why choose Big.Jobs?

 Accepting only the best talent, Big.Jobs provides you with interview ready top talent in the country. We provide you with all the candidate information that you need to make the right decision. Our Account Managers will help you each step of the way to provide a hassle free hiring experience. 

  • Access to a curated talent pool 
  • Our algorithms will make the best choice for you
  • Reach out to candidates with a single click
  • Get responses from candidates within 72 hours
  • Share your slots and we will streamline the entire interview process

What is Big.Jobs pricing?

 We only charge you for successful hires. There are no setup fees or monthly fees.  On a successful hire you will be billed a flat $2000. This fee supports our platform's development costs, our efforts towards curating a marketplace of only elite talent, and providing your company a high level of service. In case the candidate leaves within 3 months, we provide a full credit towards your next hire.


How do you ensure candidates are open to new opportunities?

 Every candidate on Big.Jobs is assigned a Talent Partner. The Talent Partner personally speaks to the candidate and verifies whether the candidate is open to new opportunities.  We keep in touch with the candidates throughout their journey on Big.Jobs. Once a candidates accepts an offer, you will no longer be able to see their profile.  

What roles can Big.Jobs help me fill?

 Big.Jobs specializes in tech talent. We're connecting India's best tech startups with top notch software engineers, designers, machine learning engineers, product managers and data scientists.  It is one of the best products to fill your
Back-end, Front-end and full-stack developer jobs
Product manager jobs
software engineer jobs
UI/UX and Product Designer jobs
Data Scientist and Data Engineer jobs
Engineering manager jobs and CTOs

What can I expect from my Account Manager?

Your account manager will guide you every step of the way beginning with suggesting the right candidates to providing hiring insights. Your Account Manager will help you create your company profile and job page which will result in more candidates landing on your page and applying to your jobs. Stay in regular touch with your Account Manager to get a better overview of the entire process. 

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